Is a Dental Bone Graft Necessary for Dental Implants?

We get asked many local dental implant questions online at DentalChat. We are at looking to help people get more dental implant information. Is a Dental Bone Graft Necessary for Dental Implants?

Millions of elderly adults are missing one or more functioning teeth. Nowadays, many people are thinking of getting one or more dental implants. Some of these people are told – that they need dental bone grafting procedures before getting dental implants. Dental bone grafting procedure may or may not be necessary. If you have a lot of dental bone loss, you may need dental bone grafting treatment.

Dental Bone Grafting Questions – What is a dental bone graft?

Dental bone grafting procedure is when add bone to the dental ridge area of the inside of the mouth, usually where one or more teeth have been extracted or will be extracted. After getting dental bone grafting, it may take couple months for the new bone to fuse well with the bone.

Dental Grafting QuestionHow can I know if need dental bone grafting?

Dental bone grafting procedure and treatment is being recommended for many people needing dental implant treatment. A common dental bone grafting question we get asked is, how do I know if I need a dental bone graft after having a tooth extraction or before getting dental implants? Looking at the dental imaging x-rays. If have severe dental bone loss and have gum disease. In these cases, dental bone graft and perio treatment may be a good idea.

Types of dental bone graft material – allograft dental bone grafting blog:

One common type of dental bone grafting material is called allograft bone material – which basically means bone used from another person (usually cadaver) and placed into another host. The good allograft bone is treated and disinfected, to be safe to be placed into the host. You can ask your dentist question about the type of material they are using.

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