Molar extraction


We get many tooth extraction questions or wisdom tooth questions online with us. We got this tooth extraction question at Dental Chat.

“Gums are itchy on top and bottom on right side of mouth extraction of molar about three days ago. Is this normal for gums to itch other than the extraction site?”

We also get many dental problems questions such as, What do I do after having my Wisdom Teeth Extracted if still in pain?  People who have or are getting a tooth pulled out or a tooth extracted can be very anxious – rightfully so.

We have lot of great dental articles or local dentist blogs right here @ DentalChat.  Here is a Tooth Extraction Blog link right here on The Local Tooth Extraction Blog link is about having a tooth extracted and things to know.  The teeth extraction blog on states that

“Removing a tooth involves creating a small, intentional wound in your mouth. A tooth is set in the gum and bone, and we only see about half of the tooth structure above the gum. The rest of it is anchored in the jaw with thousands of tiny fibers that attach it to the socket.”

Once the tooth and the surrounding bone, and gum area are numbed – then the dentist will extract a tooth.  With fully impacted wisdom teeth, the bone is totally under the gum and needs to have the gum area opened up via an incision and then the tooth extracted.

Do you have more dental questions about tooth extraction question such as what happens after getting a Molar Tooth Extracted and like to do Wisdom Tooth Extraction Chatting Online?  Do you want to Wisdom Tooth Molar Chat Online or have a Wisdom Tooth Pain Question for us?

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