My First Dentist Visit

  • My First Dentist Visit

I am 9 years old. Oh no, my worst dream came true !  I was at the dentist. I was scared because I had a gap in between two front teeth and I thought that I would get braces. “Jashvita ?” the nurse called. Oh no, it was my turn! But, when I saw the dentist I was relieved. She looked so nice. When she said I had good teeth except a cavity tooth that would fall off in a few years , I felt very happy. Then, I did have some yellow teeth so they cleaned it  up with weird machines. But, all the machines the dentist put in my mouth tasted disgusting! Lastly, they put fluoride on my teeth to protect them.

After my appointment my feeling about the dentist seemed way better. I was so happy I went to the dentist. Now I clean my teeth nicely without leaving any teeth un-brushed, so my teeth wont get yellow again 🙂

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