Supernumerary tooth that I needed to take out


      Supernumerary Teeth Chat / Extra Tooth Chatting:

When I was younger, my dentist told me that I had a “extra tooth.”  Later on I found out it is called a supernumerary tooth, that occurs in a very small percent of teens and young adults.

At first, he told me not to worry about it and that they would keep a eye on it.  Then after a couple visits, he told me and my mom that I should go to oral surgeon and get it removed.  The tooth was in the  back for my top front teeth.

For some reason, it was blocking the eruption of one of my incisors.  I got it taken out and sure enough, the incisor cam easily in.  I remember at first I thought why was I getting this freakish tooth, then figured out it was no big deal.  That is my dental story.

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