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We welcome people sharing their local dental story or emergency dental stories with us @ We get many interesting local dental patient wisdom tooth pain posts and wisdom teeth extraction blogs at DentalChat. Many people feel very nervous when going to get their Wisdom Tooth Extracted or Wisdom Teeth Extractions.

“I had my appointment at the dentist on December 11th, 2017. I was so scared and nervous and when I was in the uber going to my appointment i was shaking and getting  getting more anxious arriving to the medical building when the uber guy left I started to shake and get more anxiety attacks and a knot in my stomach  because I was scared and nervous I got in the elevator and i press the button that had/ she talk to me while I wait for the dentist to call my name and she kept me calmed and when they called my name// emma from samaritans  was on the phone still with me  i enter the office of where the dentist was his name is brad  told me to sit down in the dental chair and i sat down in the dentist chair and when the dentist started to check inside my mouth he touched with back part of the mirror and he told me you have an abscess we have to drain it.”

We get many people stating, they have to get a tooth abscess drained and then having to have their wisdom teeth (wisdom tooth) extracted. Being anxious about dental care is normal – many people just don’t know what to expect.

As can see, people being obviously nervous about getting a tooth abscess drained / wisdom tooth abscess drained and most likely having it later extracted – can be a normal cause for anxiety.  One thing people need to keep in mind is that most dentists nowadays know how to numb and to try to remove a tooth without many problems.

We appreciate our user’s dental stories – post your dental story with us.  Get Local Dental Answers and Find Local Dentists at

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