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In this local dental filling blog, we will discuss composite fillings online and some of the advantages of composite fillings. As we will discuss, composite filling or white filling – is usually meaning the same thing.

What Are Composite Fillings & Advantages of Composite Fillings?

The white filling in your mouth is usually termed by dentists as composite fillings. Composite fillings can be any shade, to match somewhat the color of your teeth.

One of the composite tooth fillings advantages is that it can be similar to the color of your teeth. This is compared to malgam silver colored fillings, which did Not match the color of teeth – and make the teeth seems darker in color. Composite fillings have also the advantage of not needing as much drilling or prepping of the tooth (though this does vary on the tooth and amount of caries present).  Also, as compared to amalgam fillings, composite fillings do not have mercury in them, and composite fillings are white or tooth colored. Hence, composite fillings can match the existing teeth in the mouth (not be a dark silver-colored filling). Before the advent of composite fillings, only dark or silver-colored amalgam fillings were available. 

Many countries in the world still use amalgam fillings, though many of the Western countries in Europe and the USA have moved more and more away from amalgam fillings, and even some European countries have regulations to not use amalgam fillings on children. Hence, composite fillings have become the filling material of choice by most dentists.

There are many different composite filling brands, and companies that make variations of composite fillings.

Common Tooth Filling Questions / Composite Filling Question

Composite fillings are a very common dental procedure and dental treatment. We get asked many local composite filling questions onlinw with us. One such online composite fillings question we get asked is, can composite fillings be done without getting numb (no needle shot)? The dental answer is yes. Some composite fillings are very small and not much drilling is needed. Your dentist may ask if you prefer to get numb (get a shot) or not. So, you as the patient can choose to not get the numbing shot if choose to.

We get asked, how long do composite fillings last? Composite fillings originally when done 35 or 40 years ago, would leak and not last long. The leakage in the composite fillings could possibly cause tooth caries to develop under the filling. Currently, composite fillings can last much longer and do not leak as they once did.  Modern composite filling materials are much stronger, have better longevity and able to last longer. Though they do from time to time fall out, or may need to be replaced.

How is a Dental Composite Filling Done?

Composite fillings are usually done by your dentist first drilling away any cavities and then placing the softer composite filling material into the cavity area. Then, a blue uv light is placed onto the softer material, which makes it become hard. Then your dentist will most likely polish and adjust to fit your bite.

In this local dentist blog, we did online composite fillings discussion, answered local composite fillings questions and provided composite filling information. We discussed how composite fillings have improved over the years and some of the advantages of composite fillings.

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