Sensitivity Teeth Discussion, Teeth Whitening Blog

We are at DentalChat discussing many dental topics. We @ DENTAL CHAT get asked many Dental Questions about a Sensitive Tooth or Teeth Sensitivity. In this Sensitive Tooth Blog, we will discuss teeth whitening and teeth sensitivity.

Sensitivity Teeth Discussion, Teeth Whitening Blog

Why do some people have very sensitive teeth? The reasons can be due to various things. This includes those who have “soft teeth,” have dental caries, have worn out teeth, worn out the enamel layer of their tooth or teeth or from broken / chipped teeth.

Sensitive Teeth Question? If I have very sensitive teeth, what can I do? Try to figure out what is going on, by looking at your teeth and what triggers the teeth sensitivity? Is it hot drinks or cold drinks, etc.? Have you had any recent dental x-rays to see if have dental caries? Can POST YOUR SENSITIVE TEETH QUESTIONS ONLINE with us at DentalChat. We are currently at this time, offering FREE Sensitive Teeth Consultation.

Teeth Whitening Blogging:

Having whiter teeth nowadays is more in demand. Many people desire to have whiter teeth. With aging, teeth can become more yellow. One thing a person can do is to try to lessen the yellowing of teeth by gently brushing their teeth after having foods or drinks that stain teeth. These foods and drinks include coffee, tea – as well as habits such as smoking cigarettes can cause teeth staining. A good idea to maintaining cleaner teeth is having the twice a year dental prophy / cleanings at your local dental office. A Sensitivity Tooth Question we get asked is, can teeth whitening products possibly make your teeth more sensitive? That is possible if you already have exposed dentin and worn out enamel layer of your teeth. Hence, some people do feel as those their teeth have become more sensitive – though this does vary from patient to patient.

Do whitening kinds of toothpaste work? They can possibly work, to an extent. If you have a lot of plaque and calculus on your teeth, the whitening toothpaste will not do as much – as calculus is calcified plaque. We welcome local dental bloggers teeth whitening blogging online with us.

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