Top 5 Reasons why DentalChat AI?

Technology is created to make our lives easier and chatbots are no exception. Chatbots have been on the rise and have already faced a wide adoption. DentalChat AI is developed to simulate a real interaction with patients via chat interface, it helps to increase the productivity of the dental practice.

Here are the top 5 reasons why DentalChat AI and how it can help you with your practice.

1. More conversions:

Setting up your bot is simple and easy. You can just subscribe to chatbot from your dentist profile and enter the web URL where the chatbot will be added, you’ll see the shortcode that you can configure to your WordPress or any HTML site. As fast as 5 minutes you can already start communicating with your patients. As a result, you will likely notice a 3x more activity/conversions on your website.

2. Smart:

Your bot will serve as your virtual assistant, it can capture inquiries of your new and existing patients. The smart technology gathers information for you and notifies you right away of your visitor’s questions, and provides you and your visitor a private and secure messaging channel for online and offline chat use.

3. Gives front office staff a stress-free work environment:

Having a smartbot will dramatically reduce the workload of the office staff. That’s because they complete the simple but mundane tasks that, if added up, take up the majority of an office staff workday. While tasks such as answering a phone call to answer general inquiry seem quick and easy, the truth is that these small jobs interrupt employees who could otherwise be putting more time and effort into patient care. DentalChat AI will streamline these inquiries and really save the office staff’s time and make them 2x more productive.

4. Flexibility to patients

Getting a dental appointment, ask forgotten questions, insurance questions, clarify on treatment plans or follow-ups, etc are often sore spots in every patient’s busy schedule, with DentalChat AI, patients can communicate to their dentist office in their leisure time, no more missing calls or forgetting to follow up.

5. Personalized portal: 

Both patients and dentists feel personalized touch with the use of DentalChat MyDentist page. The patient and dentist conversations are private and secured. Patients can create requests to their dentist, just with one more click.

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