Oral Nightmare


I’ve had bad teeth most of my life from what I can remember. Partially due to genetics. I have a big fear of dentists tbh. All from one bad experience when I was a child. I actually haven’t seem a dentist in 13 years. I am now 21. I  started a log a long time ago. I’m gonna enter it here.

Injured Teeth

(Teeth got worse sometime in February-July 2018 but have always been bad. Factors: Prescribed amphetamines for a year, prescribed klonopin since 2016, Periodontitis extremely probable, Stress levels constantly high (Cortisol high), Depression, and Genetics)

  • Area: Upper Left Quadrant

Left Maxillary First Premolar (Tooth 12): Chipped approximately July 15th from thin crust pizza. Broke after biting tough potato from Taco Bell. Pain is minimal or tolerable. It feels like it is in my gum or nerve perhaps(?)  Somewhat better feeling than prior in terms of comfort. (Pain left but it is currently in worse condition as are all teeth. It is 11/12/18 I was eating chips and the sharp part that was once left of my premolar is gone. My mouth feels weird but idk if thats cause I might be getting sick or bc im panicking. It is 4/12/19 I was brushing it and it started dripping a little blood then stopped.) Broke more on 3/4/20 just a small piece while swishing with carbonated water

  • Area: Upper Right Quadrant

Right Permanently Maxillary First Molar (Tooth 3): From memory, I believe there was a filling or a cap(?) It broke off in approximately 2014-2015. Ongoing problems since then. I recall pain, swelling, possibly heat (Assuming infection?) Broke more throughout the year. Assumed it is dead and still in 2. Sensitive in area that broke. Bleeds if I suck on it or brush roughly. Isnt as awful as what it used too but still problematic.

General: Permanent Maxillary Lateral Incisors have cavities. As well as many in the back. Gum Recession, Deep pockets, Weak teeth. (Periodontitis(?) Paternal Grandmother, Paternal Grandfather, Father, Paternal Aunt, Paternal Uncle have had bad teeth as well). This is over a 2 year time span but im scared. Terrified of so much. I hope my teeth are savable I made an account cause I needed to vent.


Admin comment:  Unfortunately many young adults are now experiencing different levels of gum disease.  There are many factors, from not having regular dental office treatment to oral hygiene neglect, etc.  The good news is, that now – there are many ways of getting dental treatment in helping with that. Finding a good dentist and dental practice is a good start.  Your dentist can take dental x-rays and do a good oral exam, to get things started.


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