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Oral Nightmare

I've had bad teeth most of my life from what I can remember. Partially due to genetics. I have a big fear of dentists tbh. All from one bad experience when I was a child. I actually haven't seem a dentist in 13 years. I am now 21. I  started..

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wisdom teeth extraction blog and being nervous

We welcome people sharing their local dental story or emergency dental stories with us @ We get many interesting local dental patient wisdom tooth pain posts and wisdom teeth extraction blogs at DentalChat. Many people feel very nervous when going to get their Wisdom Tooth Extracted or Wisdom Teeth..

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Molar extraction

We get many tooth extraction questions or wisdom tooth questions online with us. We got this tooth extraction question at Dental Chat. "Gums are itchy on top and bottom on right side of mouth extraction of molar about three days ago. Is this normal for gums to itch other than..

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Healing properly?

Hey there, so I had my 2nd to last bottom left tooth extracted on Tuesday 5/7 and it is now 5/11. Well my pain has not subsided as far as it being the dull like annoying pain. The extraction hole is black in color, sometimes with a tinge of green...

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TMJ Pain

My jaw has gotten to the point where i cant sleep anymore. Its swollen. I can hardly open my mouth. It constantly pops and cracks. It feels like a knife twisting in my jaw. Its hard to talk. The pain gets so bad I almost thing Im going to have..

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Do anything to get rid of this unknown pain

Suddenly my upper left molars or jaw (i am not sure) starts hurting badly. I went to a dentist and she told me that you have infected a last molar and its normal procedure to take it out. She takes it out very badly. I was feeling a lot of pain even..

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My kids tooth popped out at game

We were playing basketball, and my son had the ball go off of his face when he went for the rebound.  His baby tooth just popped out.  We noticed it when he opened his mouth, that one of the baby teeth had fallen out. The baby tooth was loose, so..

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Best Dental Story is my uncle

       -   Best Dental Story is my uncle's teeth falling out: The best dental story is when my uncle, who had dentures, took out his denture in front of some younger kids at our family party. They just started freaking out and screaming.  Everybody at the party started..

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tooth extraction nightmare

 Tooth Extraction Nightmare Chat -  Here is my tooth extraction nightmare dental story. Ok so Friday i got my top molar on the left side extracted. since then its been non stop pain and swelling. I went back to the dentist today he looked at it and said i dont..

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Supernumerary tooth that I needed to take out

      Supernumerary Teeth Chat / Extra Tooth Chatting: When I was younger, my dentist told me that I had a "extra tooth."  Later on I found out it is called a supernumerary tooth, that occurs in a very small percent of teens and young adults. At first, he..

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My Son’s Funny Tooth Story

My Son's Funny Tooth Story: My kid had a loose tooth.  One day, I see my child coming to me and saying  "why didnt I get money from the tooth fairy?  I asked why?"  Well, my son stated I lost my tooth in the middle of the night.  I just..

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Having my braces cut my lip

The dental story I remember most was having my braces cut my lip when I was younger. One of the things I remember as a kid, was when I was playing football with some friends on a rainy day and then I tripped & fell face first.  I had gotten..

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Chewing on my Sandwich and felt something just cracked

Chewing on my Sandwich and felt something just cracked: Have you ever felt something not right when chewing on something.  Well I was Chewing on my Sandwich and felt something just cracked in my mouth. I just stopped chewing and got some napkin and spit out the food in my..

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The “perfect storm”.

The "perfect storm" I was a severe anorexic/bulimic for over 20 years. It's a miracle I survived in the first place, and doctors don't know how I made it. It took me years to rehabilitate my body, and am now successful in the fitness industry due to the research I..

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Watching a old man remove their denture

When I was young, I still remember a party that I went to with many colorful people being there.  One thing that always has stayed with me, was when this old man motioned to me to come over and then he put his hand into his mouth and then removed..

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My front cap popped out during a meeting

My front cap popped out during a meeting: I was going to a business meeting and we were having lunch with a group of people. I bit down into my sandwich and felt as though something came out.  Sure enough, my cap on my front top tooth had come out...

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My front tooth

My front tooth got chipped a while ago: My front tooth got chipped when I fell over on my bike handle as a kid.  Since then, my front cap or crown has caused my all types of problems. I asked my dentist, I am always concerned it will come out..

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Tooth sensitivity to anything cold

Tooth sensitivity to anything cold: I had the worst tooth sensitivity for the last 6 years.  I couldnt eat ice cream or anything with ice in it.  Finally, my dentist found the tooth that was causing the pain and did a root canal.  Thankfully, so mych better.  I can eat..

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My First Dentist Visit

My First Dentist Visit I am 9 years old. Oh no, my worst dream came true !  I was at the dentist. I was scared because I had a gap in between two front teeth and I thought that I would get braces. "Jashvita ?" the nurse called. Oh no,..

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Riding my bike / broke my tooth

When I was 15 years old, I was riding my bike going down hill and tried to do a sharp turn.  Sure enough flipped over and hit my teeth on the bike handle and chipped my tooth. The chip was not significant, but I always felt it being sharp when..

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Do you have a Dental Story to share

Do you have a Dental Story to share: Do you have a Dental Story to share with everyone - we all do.  Go ahead and share your dental story with us here @ DentalChat.  We want to help people realize that they are not the only one to have a..

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Some dental issues your dentist might find

Some dental issues your dentist might find: Regular dental care is critical to the overall health of your gums and teeth. There are numerous reasons why should visit a dentist. What you may not know is that your dentist can also spot signs of non-dental medical issues in your mouth..

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