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Oral Nightmare

I’ve had bad teeth most of my life from what I can remember. Partially due to genetics. I have a big fear of dentists tbh. All from one bad experience when I was a child. I actually haven’t seem a dentist in 13 years. I am now 21. I  started a log a long time ago. I’m gonna enter it here.

Injured Teeth

(Teeth got worse sometime in February-July 2018 but have always been bad. Factors: Prescribed amphetamines for a year, prescribed klonopin since 2016, Periodontitis extremely probable, Stress levels constantly high (Cortisol high), Depression, and Genetics)

  • Area: Upper Left Quadrant

Left Maxillary First Premolar (Tooth 12): Chipped approximately July 15th from thin crust pizza. Broke after biting tough potato from Taco Bell. Pain is minimal or tolerable. It feels like it is in my gum or nerve perhaps(?)  Somewhat better feeling than prior in terms of comfort. (Pain left but it is currently in worse condition as are all teeth. It is 11/12/18 I was eating chips and the sharp part that was once left of my premolar is gone. My mouth feels weird but idk if thats cause I might be getting sick or bc im panicking. It is 4/12/19 I was brushing it and it started dripping a little blood then stopped.) Broke more on 3/4/20 just a small piece while swishing with carbonated water

  • Area: Upper Right Quadrant

Right Permanently Maxillary First Molar (Tooth 3): From memory, I believe there was a filling or a cap(?) It broke off in approximately 2014-2015. Ongoing problems since then. I recall pain, swelling, possibly heat (Assuming infection?) Broke more throughout the year. Assumed it is dead and still in 2. Sensitive in area that broke. Bleeds if I suck on it or brush roughly. Isnt as awful as what it used too but still problematic.

General: Permanent Maxillary Lateral Incisors have cavities. As well as many in the back. Gum Recession, Deep pockets, Weak teeth. (Periodontitis(?) Paternal Grandmother, Paternal Grandfather, Father, Paternal Aunt, Paternal Uncle have had bad teeth as well). This is over a 2 year time span but im scared. Terrified of so much. I hope my teeth are savable I made an account cause I needed to vent.


Admin comment:  Unfortunately many young adults are now experiencing different levels of gum disease.  There are many factors, from not having regular dental office treatment to oral hygiene neglect, etc.  The good news is, that now – there are many ways of getting dental treatment in helping with that. Finding a good dentist and dental practice is a good start.  Your dentist can take dental x-rays and do a good oral exam, to get things started.


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wisdom teeth extraction blog and being nervous

We welcome people sharing their local dental story or emergency dental stories with us @ We get many interesting local dental patient wisdom tooth pain posts and wisdom teeth extraction blogs at DentalChat. Many people feel very nervous when going to get their Wisdom Tooth Extracted or Wisdom Teeth Extractions.

“I had my appointment at the dentist on December 11th, 2017. I was so scared and nervous and when I was in the uber going to my appointment i was shaking and getting  getting more anxious arriving to the medical building when the uber guy left I started to shake and get more anxiety attacks and a knot in my stomach  because I was scared and nervous I got in the elevator and i press the button that had/ she talk to me while I wait for the dentist to call my name and she kept me calmed and when they called my name// emma from samaritans  was on the phone still with me  i enter the office of where the dentist was his name is brad  told me to sit down in the dental chair and i sat down in the dentist chair and when the dentist started to check inside my mouth he touched with back part of the mirror and he told me you have an abscess we have to drain it.”

We get many people stating, they have to get a tooth abscess drained and then having to have their wisdom teeth (wisdom tooth) extracted. Being anxious about dental care is normal – many people just don’t know what to expect.

As can see, people being obviously nervous about getting a tooth abscess drained / wisdom tooth abscess drained and most likely having it later extracted – can be a normal cause for anxiety.  One thing people need to keep in mind is that most dentists nowadays know how to numb and to try to remove a tooth without many problems.

We appreciate our user’s dental stories – post your dental story with us.  Get Local Dental Answers and Find Local Dentists at

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Molar extraction

We get many tooth extraction questions or wisdom tooth questions online with us. We got this tooth extraction question at Dental Chat.

“Gums are itchy on top and bottom on right side of mouth extraction of molar about three days ago. Is this normal for gums to itch other than the extraction site?”

We also get many dental problems questions such as, What do I do after having my Wisdom Teeth Extracted if still in pain?  People who have or are getting a tooth pulled out or a tooth extracted can be very anxious – rightfully so.

We have lot of great dental articles or local dentist blogs right here @ DentalChat.  Here is a Tooth Extraction Blog link right here on The Local Tooth Extraction Blog link is about having a tooth extracted and things to know.  The teeth extraction blog on states that

“Removing a tooth involves creating a small, intentional wound in your mouth. A tooth is set in the gum and bone, and we only see about half of the tooth structure above the gum. The rest of it is anchored in the jaw with thousands of tiny fibers that attach it to the socket.”

Once the tooth and the surrounding bone, and gum area are numbed – then the dentist will extract a tooth.  With fully impacted wisdom teeth, the bone is totally under the gum and needs to have the gum area opened up via an incision and then the tooth extracted.

Do you have more dental questions about tooth extraction question such as what happens after getting a Molar Tooth Extracted and like to do Wisdom Tooth Extraction Chatting Online?  Do you want to Wisdom Tooth Molar Chat Online or have a Wisdom Tooth Pain Question for us?

The key question is the local dental problem question or emergency dental problem questions that arise when things do not go as planned.  People can post their local dental question right here at DentalChat.  Emergency Dental Chat online with us at

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Healing properly?

Hey there, so I had my 2nd to last bottom left tooth extracted on Tuesday 5/7 and it is now 5/11. Well my pain has not subsided as far as it being the dull like annoying pain. The extraction hole is black in color, sometimes with a tinge of green. I am thinking my blood clot did not form properly and/or was damaged/removed from me changing the gauze, as the dentist told me to do. Can anyone give me some advice?

Editor’s note:  Anytime after couple days do not see the “extraction hole” or socket not healing and still have pain, can go back and have a post-operative visit to your dental office.  Dry socket is when the socket does not heal or fill up and have continuous pain.  Some people end up with a dry socket when they have their tooth or teeth extracted.   Here is a link to a Dental Chat about Dry Socket Problems article or link

  • Tooth extraction problem, dry socket chat and tooth extraction chat. Dental Chat about Dry Socket Problems:

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My teeth feels tight and my lower teeth feels like its rising

I first started feeling one week ago like there is Something stuck in my lower back teeth and I tried removing but nothing was there then gradually it got worse. I felt my lower teeth were rising and it felt tighter in one side of the mouth and I felt uncomfortable in my jaw and back neck. Then later each time I closed my mouth one of my lower front teeth was touching the upper tooth first before others and it became very uncomfortable but it wasn’t paining and I went to the dentist a few days ago. The front tooth was reduced with the drilling machine but now it has extended to my two sides including some in the upper teeth and it’s becoming tighter and I feel uncomfortable. It also reduces if I don’t clench my teeth but when I eat or brush it comes back up. I feel my neck is slightly swelling now. Please I need help I don’t know what is wrong.

Editor’s note:  In this local dental pain problem chatting online post – the person has posted with a picture of their teeth.  Couple of notes- there are no dental x-rays.  Anytime having pain and not sure what is going on, having dental x-rays taken by your local dentist in the area where the tooth pain is > can help a lot in figuring out what is going. When the teeth are “high,” sometimes your dentist can adjust your teeth or slightly file them down if the bite needs adjusting.  This is sometimes the case with dental crowns or dentures, that need to have the bite adjusted.  Anytime there is swelling towards the bottom of the mouth or towards the neck area, need to see a dentist or doctor – as may be having some sort of an abscess or infection.

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TMJ Pain

My jaw has gotten to the point where i cant sleep anymore. Its swollen. I can hardly open my mouth. It constantly pops and cracks. It feels like a knife twisting in my jaw. Its hard to talk. The pain gets so bad I almost thing Im going to have an anxiety attack because the pain is constant. I cant focus at work anymore. Ive tried going to a chiropractor as well as over the counter medicines and muscle relaxers and anti- inflammatory medications from my doctor. Even heating pads and ice packs dont work. Never helped. I need help and i need it bad. I need a dentist. Because i have a feeling it might have something to do with my wisdom teeth. Please help.

Editor’s note – We have many Emergency Dentists Questions Chat, Online TMJ Dental Pain Blog and Local Tooth Pain Blogs on DentalChat. Here is a Tooth pain article link on  and another about TMJ Pain Dentist Chat link that may help. Also, can post your local TMJ dental question on Dental Chat for dentists and get a dentist reply.

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Do anything to get rid of this unknown pain

Suddenly my upper left molars or jaw (i am not sure) starts hurting badly. I went to a dentist and she told me that you have infected a last molar and its normal procedure to take it out. She takes it out very badly. I was feeling a lot of pain even after anesthesia. I hate the dentist. They just don’t care about people. During this procedure, one of the roots is broken and she was unable to remove it. She said it will not cause any problems. After the procedure, I was having so much bad pain for about one month. I changed my toothpaste to Sensodyne. Dramatically the pain went away. I was happy for several weeks. But suddenly the pain got even worse than previously. It’s my third month ended after tooth removal. I went to a private doctor, he did my whole mouth X-ray. He showed me and explained. Your teeth are healthy. He taps all my teeth, I feel pain in my last tooth during this tapping. He told me to be patient the bone will take some time to heal. But it has been already 3 months (my friends took out their tooth and they don’t have any pain after 2 weeks maximum). He says it may be a sinus problem. But I don’t have any of the symptoms mentioned on the internet. Now I don’t know what is wrong with my upper tooth area. Everything is fine but why I have so much pain???????? This pain is related to any movement. If I am lying on bed its ok but otherwise it’s hurting and also the pain migrates to my left side of the head. I am done with every dentist and every home remedy. I don’t know what to do.


Editor’s note – We have many Emergency Dental Question Blog and Tooth Pain Articles on DentalChat. Here is a Tooth pain article link on that may help. Also, can post your local dental question on Dental Chat for dentists and can get local dentists answers.

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My kids tooth popped out at game

We were playing basketball, and my son had the ball go off of his face when he went for the rebound.  His baby tooth just popped out.  We noticed it when he opened his mouth, that one of the baby teeth had fallen out.

The baby tooth was loose, so it kind of saved us a trip to the dentist.  He did not cry or anything.  We teased him the following weeks, saying Don’t get rebounds with your face.  Try to use your hands.  We all laughed.  This happened about 2 years ago.  Since then, my son has become a pretty good basketball player I am happy to say.


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Best Dental Story is my uncle

       –   Best Dental Story is my uncle’s teeth falling out:

The best dental story is when my uncle, who had dentures, took out his denture in front of some younger kids at our family party.

They just started freaking out and screaming.  Everybody at the party started laughing.  The best was this boy who after a while kept going to him and saying do it again & asking his mom if they could show him how to do it on himself. We had a good laugh because of this for many days after this event.

We still laugh & discuss this story to this day.

We are at Dental Chat discussing various local dental stores.  Whether it is a Denture story or an interesting dentist story, we welcome informative dental stories.  We are networking with digital media professionals. Denture Chat online with us at Dentalchat.

Share your dental story online with us at 

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tooth extraction nightmare

 Tooth Extraction Nightmare Chat – 

Here is my tooth extraction nightmare dental story. Ok so Friday i got my top molar on the left side extracted. since then its been non stop pain and swelling. I went back to the dentist today he looked at it and said i dont see a dry socket but he packed it with paste and sent me home. I had a nap and woke up and the paste had fell out. I feel like he is missing something. im worried.


We at Dental Chat appreciate our users sharing their dental stories.  Whether doing a Tooth Extraction Chat or Tooth Pain Chatting at DentalChat. is a platform for all people. Share with us your dental stories that like to share with others.