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Many people end up having one or more dental crowns placed in their mouth as they get older. This can be due to many reasons, including from breaking a tooth or having had root canal therapy on a tooth. We get asked many local dental crown questions online at

In order to get a dental crown, your dentist will sometimes need to do a temporary dental crown for their patient, while they wait for the final permanent dental crown to be fabricated by their dental lab. We will be Temp Dental Crown Blogging Online in this local dentists blog.

Temp Crown Problems: Some people experience some dental problems with their temp crown. For one, the temp crown is usually cemented in with a weaker temp cement, so that your dentist can remove it easily. Due to this, sometimes the temp crown may fall out.

Of course, some dental offices are using in-office dental crown making machines to make the dental crown while the patient waits, on the same day. Relatively low number of dental offices have this type of dental crown making machine.

Most dental offices will have your permanent dental crown ready within couple weeks or sooner. Your temp dental crown will be thrown away once place your permanent dental crown in your mouth.

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