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For some people, finding a local dentist for their particular dental need can be challenging.

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Many people are now using local telemedicine. Dental telemedicine or local teledental care is increasing now. People can now do a virtual local teledentistry consultation online – from anywhere at any time. We have many great local dental blogs at DentalChat. Here is a Local Teledentist Chat Information Blog link at can read to get more teledentistry information.

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Great time for local dental practices to use local dental chatbot or online dentist chatbox service on their dental website. A great way for local dentists to be doing real-time 24/7 dental messaging and dental chatting with patients.


Finding a emergency dentist or Find local dentists online

Many people do NOT have a regular dentist or have not visited a local dentist for many years. For some dental emergencies that happen in the middle of the night, some of these people may end up going to their local ER hospital for help – since they do not have a local dentist that they know is open to go to.

Finding a emergency dentist or Find local dentists online:

What should people who are in dental pain or have a tooth problem do, if they do not have a regular dentist? We at DentalChat help people in Finding a emergency dentist or Find local dentists online when they need it.

Not all dental emergencies are the same – for instance, having a little tooth pain from teeth sensitivity is different than having a large tooth abscess & swollen jaw. If do have large tooth abscess, should go to dentist office or doctor as soon as can. They may need to drain the area and provide some antibiotics to relieve.

We at have many great local dental information articles on emergency dental care questions or finding local emergency dentist with us.

What should people do if have a dental emergency, as discussed depends on what is the dental emergency. For instance, someone chipping a denture tooth is different than someone who has teeth infection that is increasing in size. The denture tooth that is chipped, should be seen by your dentist. The dental emergency with teeth infection that is growing in size, that is very painful – needs more immediate dental care.

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Generally, want to visit your dentist and get the appropriate dental treatment as soon as can – waiting weeks and months to go in and fix a chipped tooth, may result in the tooth becoming broken further – and possibly a tooth fracture to maybe occur? Best to get dental treatment as soon as can.



We are looking at discussing dental topics that dental patients and denttal professionals are currently discussing. In the Local Dental Care COVID Blog, we will discussing how COVID-19 has changed dentistry.


For anybody who has visited a local dental office in the last couple months, they have noticed that dentists and dental office staff have changed many things in the dental office.


Many dental offices are using the dental care COVID question list for patients to answer BEFORE they enter the dental office. These COVID questions include have you recently had fever, have you TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID, and questions like this. Also, dental offices are using more protective gear such as more face shields and masks, air quality control and other things to keep their dental patients and dental staff of the dental office safe.

Dental Chat can answer your dental question – simply post your dentist question and we are providing Free Dental Consult Chat through all of September 2020 to provide COVID dental information help.

What is Telemedicine and Teledentistry? More people than ever are reluctant going out to dental offices, etc. Now, people can do video teledentistry consulting online. People can ask for instance cosmetic dentistry questions and other dental care questions from the comfort of their residence. Of course, first need to make sure your dental office offers teledentistry. Want more teledental information? Here is a Local Teledentist Info Blog at DentalChat, to get more information.

We are at looking to network with dental professionals and top level dental companies. Local dental practices can also add local best dental chatbot to their dental website.


Temp Dental Crown Blogging

Many people end up having one or more dental crowns placed in their mouth as they get older. This can be due to many reasons, including from breaking a tooth or having had root canal therapy on a tooth. We get asked many local dental crown questions online at

In order to get a dental crown, your dentist will sometimes need to do a temporary dental crown for their patient, while they wait for the final permanent dental crown to be fabricated by their dental lab. We will be Temp Dental Crown Blogging Online in this local dentists blog.

Temp Crown Problems: Some people experience some dental problems with their temp crown. For one, the temp crown is usually cemented in with a weaker temp cement, so that your dentist can remove it easily. Due to this, sometimes the temp crown may fall out.

Of course, some dental offices are using in-office dental crown making machines to make the dental crown while the patient waits, on the same day. Relatively low number of dental offices have this type of dental crown making machine.

Most dental offices will have your permanent dental crown ready within couple weeks or sooner. Your temp dental crown will be thrown away once place your permanent dental crown in your mouth.

We have many local dental blogs and dental articles on DentalChat. If want to read more in-depth Dental Crown Treatment Questions Information Blog link here at Local Dental Crown Question Blog, Teledental Dental Crown Chat and Temporary Dental Crown Blogging Online with us.


Sleep Apnea Chat, Teledentist Snoring Consulting Online

As you grow older, many people may notice that they may occasionally be snoring? Those that actually stop momentarily to stop breathing, have a more serious condition called sleep apnea.

Why do people snore more when they get older in their 50’s and 60’s? The reason is that the upper airway area starts to lose muscle tone. That and the fact that the soft palate loosens up some and becomes more likely to vibrate. The combination of all of these and the uvula vibrating is what causes older folks to sometimes snore more. In this local sleep apnea blog, we will discuss snoring and sleep apnea.

We are discussing many local dental topics on Sleeping Information Blogging Sleep Apnea Chat, Teledentist Snoring Consulting Online and Local Teledentistry Consulting Online Discussion with us at DentalChat.

Sleep Apnea as mentioned is a more serious condition for some people. By some estimates, just in the USA alone – there are over 20 million people that have some kind of sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Blogging – What is sleep apnea? The same conditions that cause snoring and cause sleep apnea – except that is can block the airways for several seconds while sleeping, causing an individual to wake up. One of the signs of sleep apnea is feeling sleeping during the day, due to lack of good sleep. If you wake up with a dry mouth, have morning headaches, feel sleep in the mornings, and are very obese – then you maybe have sleep apnea? You can go to your physician for testing. Want to read more information on Sleep Apnea, here is a Local Sleep Apnea Blog can read at DentalChat.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment Information:

As discussed, obesity is one problem that many with sleep apnea may have – if you do, having a healthier diet and exercising better under a physicians care – maybe a step in the right direction. Some people with sleep apnea, use a CPAP machine that can be hard to use for some.

Have a sleep apnea question? Can post your snoring question online at We also offer Sleep Apnea Teledental Consulting Online for those that want extra attention and want to do a video teledentistry consult online.

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Is a Dental Bone Graft Necessary for Dental Implants?

We get asked many local dental implant questions online at DentalChat. We are at looking to help people get more dental implant information. Is a Dental Bone Graft Necessary for Dental Implants?

Millions of elderly adults are missing one or more functioning teeth. Nowadays, many people are thinking of getting one or more dental implants. Some of these people are told – that they need dental bone grafting procedures before getting dental implants. Dental bone grafting procedure may or may not be necessary. If you have a lot of dental bone loss, you may need dental bone grafting treatment.

Dental Bone Grafting Questions – What is a dental bone graft?

Dental bone grafting procedure is when add bone to the dental ridge area of the inside of the mouth, usually where one or more teeth have been extracted or will be extracted. After getting dental bone grafting, it may take couple months for the new bone to fuse well with the bone.

Dental Grafting QuestionHow can I know if need dental bone grafting?

Dental bone grafting procedure and treatment is being recommended for many people needing dental implant treatment. A common dental bone grafting question we get asked is, how do I know if I need a dental bone graft after having a tooth extraction or before getting dental implants? Looking at the dental imaging x-rays. If have severe dental bone loss and have gum disease. In these cases, dental bone graft and perio treatment may be a good idea.

Types of dental bone graft material – allograft dental bone grafting blog:

One common type of dental bone grafting material is called allograft bone material – which basically means bone used from another person (usually cadaver) and placed into another host. The good allograft bone is treated and disinfected, to be safe to be placed into the host. You can ask your dentist question about the type of material they are using.

If have dental implant inquiries and want more dental implant information, you can get this at Local Dental Implant Information, Dental Implant Questions and Dentist Implant Answers at DentalChat.

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Understanding Dentistry during COVID – Coronavirus Dental Care Blog

During these times, many people are having challenges with getting the dental care they need – just not in the US …. but also in many other countries that have closed off part of their economy. During April and May 2020, many of the larger states had many local businesses closed. Dentists and dental offices were closed for routine dental cleaning procedures or other common dental care needs. Local dentists could see patients for emergency dental care though. In this local emergency dentistry blog, we will be discussing COVID and dental care.

Understanding Dentistry during COVIDCoronavirus Dental Care Blog:

Many people have had to bypass their regular dental prophy and dental exam check-ups during COVID-19 period – as many dentists and dental offices in states such as California and Washington state – had closed their dental practices unless for emergency dental care. That is, only dentists could see emergency dental patients.

Many people even with small cavities or small holes in their teeth, ended up just waiting it out – which is not a good thing. As many dentists will tell you, do not have a small hole or cavity increase in size – by not treating it. Doing a small composite filling is much easier and less costly than doing root canal treatment.

Teledentistry Service and Online Teledentist Consulting: Some people are doing online virtual dental care consulting using teledentistry consulting. Now local dentists are using dental telemedicine technology, just as physicians are.

Patients now need to go back and get their regular dental care needs – of course, with due precaution. Many dental offices are using great local dental care precautions – and following the various CDC guidelines. These dental offices are looking to protect their patients and their own staff.

We at are networking with local dentists and dental professionals. We welcome local dentists to share their dental stories with us, as well as for dental patients to share their local dental stories with us.

Get Dentistry AnswersWe Answer your dentist questions online:

Do you have a dental question or need emergency dentistry help? Get local dental answers and ask dentist questions online at Find a Local Dentist and Get Dentistry Answers. You can also download our dentalchat app and find local dentists with us.

The coronavirus looks to be staying around for some time longer. Many are hoping we find some kind of vaccine to help people fight off the COVID pandemic. We will be doing more COVID DENTAL CARE BLOGS as we keep an eye on the latest developments – with COVID & Dentistry.


Dental Insurance Blogging, Local Dentist Office Info

We have many great dental articles on We get asked many local dental insurance questions online at DentalChat.

Dental care is an important part of an individual’s overall health. Also, we discuss many local dentist’s blogs and local dental office information online with us. We get asked many local dentist office questions online – one thing we like to mention, is that each dental practice is different. Unless they are part of a larger DSO dental network of offices. Local Dentists and Dental offices have a variety of dental insurance companies that they may or may not be a part of. In this local dentist insurance blog, we will discuss some of this.

Local Dentist Office Information Chat:

  1. Each dental office differs and has different dental policies.
  2. Some dental offices are part of a larger group of dental practices.
  3. Each Local Dentist – has a different level of skill set in various dental procedures. Some general dentists may do extractions and other general dentists may not.
  4. For example, some general dentists provide orthodontics or orthodontic care – while other general dentists may refer these dental patients out to a local orthodontist office.

As we know, there are quite a few people that have dental insurance – while there are some who do not have dental insurance coverage. Local Dental Insurance Blogging, Local Dentist Office Info, Dental Insurances Coverage Chatting, and Online Dentists Discussion with us at DentalChat.

Dental Insurance Coverage Blog:

  1. Know what is covered and what is not.
  2. Not all dental insurance plans are the same. For example, there is a Delta Dental HMO insurance plan and a Delta Dental PPO Dental insurance plan. Both are done by Delta Dental – the coverage and the policies can be quite different.
  3. Local Dental Insurances may have only a select number of dentists in an area as part of the preferred dental offices. Some dentists for instance, do not want to be part of a Dental HMO plan – while other local dental offices may select or elect to be part of that dental insurance plan.
  4. Dental Plan is not dental insurance – dental insurance plan or dental insurance coverage is different than a Local Dental Plan that is only a reduced fee dental plan usually.

Local TeleDental OfficeOn-Demand Dentistry & Local Dental ChatBot:

Some dental offices are offering Local TeleDentistry and have a Local Dentist ChatBot added to their local dental website. What is Live TeleDentistry? That is virtual dental care or providing dental patients virtual dentistry consulting from a remote place. This way, the dental patient does not have to come to the dental office. We have one of the Best Local Dental ChatBot Office technologies to help connect patients to dentists.

Local Dentist Insurance Chat Online:

Do you have more dental insurance questions or a local dental insurance question to ask us? Simply post your local dentist insurance question and get local dental insurance answers online with us. We can perhaps provide some useful dental information – though, another good source is reading your dental insurance coverage policy. This can be done online now in many cases – though, can call your dental insurance company. If want to read more Dental Insurances Blog and Dentist Insurance Chatting Online, then click here. We will be periodically updating our local dental insurance blogs.

Local Dental Plan Blog, Dental HMO Insurance Chat, Local Dental Insurance Coverage Information Blog, Local Dentists ChatBot Addition to Dental Website Blog, and Local Teledentistry Chat Online in this local dentist blog. We welcome our DentalChat user’s feedback and dental suggestions.


Local Dentists COVID Update – Dental Practices Opening Up

COVID-19 has hit many local businesses hard – especially with government mandates to close all non-essential businesses. For dentists and dental offices, this has been tough as well – as many states mandated that they close up for the last several weeks. We will be discussing in this Local COVID Dental Care Blog, some updates about this. We are also, asking dentists and dental patients to provide us their feedback.

Local Dentists COVID Update on what dental practices and dental patients are dealing with. Many Local Dental Practices Opening Up or are planning on opening up – as many states across the US are allowing businesses to open up for business. For dentists, it will not be easy – for one, they need to get their dental staff back to work and their dental office back in working order. For some dentists, they have had to layoff their staff – as they did not know how long this work stoppage would continue. So, for these dentists – they will need to ask their staff to come back to work – if they want to.

Starting Your Dental Practice Back Up:

For dentists and dental office managers, this will not be easy. There are many new guide lines on patient spacing, etc – that will need to be put into place. Also, they will need to stock up on many new dental supplies.

is your dental practice using modern technology to advance your overall dental health care? Using Tele Dentistry, Live TeleDental Consult, Local Dental ChatBot & Virtual Dental Video Conferencing great Teledentistry dental practice tools. Now more than ever, with the coronavirus pandemic should be using telemedicine tools to help the patient, staff and dentist.

We want to hear from you – dental patients, dental staff and local dentists on how it is going to start your dental practice back up? In the next several months, we are at DentalChat going to be providing timely COVID Dental Care Updates.

Dental COVID Update: Now dental practices can use the Dental ChatBot added to your website to check new & existing patients into your office. To get more about adding a Live Dentist ChatBot can visit us.