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Online composite fillings discussion

In this local dental filling blog, we will discuss composite fillings online and some of the advantages of composite fillings. As we will discuss, composite filling or white filling – is usually meaning the same thing.

What Are Composite Fillings & Advantages of Composite Fillings?

The white filling in your mouth is usually termed by dentists as composite fillings. Composite fillings can be any shade, to match somewhat the color of your teeth.

One of the composite tooth fillings advantages is that it can be similar to the color of your teeth. This is compared to malgam silver colored fillings, which did Not match the color of teeth – and make the teeth seems darker in color. Composite fillings have also the advantage of not needing as much drilling or prepping of the tooth (though this does vary on the tooth and amount of caries present).  Also, as compared to amalgam fillings, composite fillings do not have mercury in them, and composite fillings are white or tooth colored. Hence, composite fillings can match the existing teeth in the mouth (not be a dark silver-colored filling). Before the advent of composite fillings, only dark or silver-colored amalgam fillings were available. 

Many countries in the world still use amalgam fillings, though many of the Western countries in Europe and the USA have moved more and more away from amalgam fillings, and even some European countries have regulations to not use amalgam fillings on children. Hence, composite fillings have become the filling material of choice by most dentists.

There are many different composite filling brands, and companies that make variations of composite fillings.

Common Tooth Filling Questions / Composite Filling Question

Composite fillings are a very common dental procedure and dental treatment. We get asked many local composite filling questions onlinw with us. One such online composite fillings question we get asked is, can composite fillings be done without getting numb (no needle shot)? The dental answer is yes. Some composite fillings are very small and not much drilling is needed. Your dentist may ask if you prefer to get numb (get a shot) or not. So, you as the patient can choose to not get the numbing shot if choose to.

We get asked, how long do composite fillings last? Composite fillings originally when done 35 or 40 years ago, would leak and not last long. The leakage in the composite fillings could possibly cause tooth caries to develop under the filling. Currently, composite fillings can last much longer and do not leak as they once did.  Modern composite filling materials are much stronger, have better longevity and able to last longer. Though they do from time to time fall out, or may need to be replaced.

How is a Dental Composite Filling Done?

Composite fillings are usually done by your dentist first drilling away any cavities and then placing the softer composite filling material into the cavity area. Then, a blue uv light is placed onto the softer material, which makes it become hard. Then your dentist will most likely polish and adjust to fit your bite.

In this local dentist blog, we did online composite fillings discussion, answered local composite fillings questions and provided composite filling information. We discussed how composite fillings have improved over the years and some of the advantages of composite fillings.

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Online Chipped Tooth Problem Question

Your teeth are pretty strong. Unfortunately though, they do from time to time chip or break. Hopefully, the size of the chip is small. If so, many times your local dentist may be able to place a small composite filling to repair the damage. We will discuss a tooth chip in this local dental blog.

One of the worst type of cosmetically chipped teeth problems, is when a big front tooth chip occurs. Front teeth can chip when playing sports or accidentally biting into a hard food.

Online Chipped Tooth Problem Question:

We do get a online chipped tooth problem question frequently. The size of the tooth chip is very important. If the tooth is chipped substantially, then instead of just a composite filling – then, maybe a dental veneer, onlay, inlay or dental crown may be necessary. The sooner can visit your local dentist or dental office, and get the proper dental treatment – the better.

When you chip a tooth, it is important to get local dental treatment at your local dentist office as soon as can. Find Local Dentists at Dental Chat. People who do not fix their teeth, may end up with a larger tooth fracture down the road.

Once chip a tooth, they your local dentist can usually fix it for you. A chipped tooth does not repair by itself. If break a tooth towards the pulp nerve area, then may possibly need root canal treatment. Your dentist will do a thorough dental exam and take dental x-rays to check usually, before doing any dental treatment.

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Sleep Apnea Chat, Teledentist Snoring Consulting Online

As you grow older, many people may notice that they may occasionally be snoring? Those that actually stop momentarily to stop breathing, have a more serious condition called sleep apnea.

Why do people snore more when they get older in their 50’s and 60’s? The reason is that the upper airway area starts to lose muscle tone. That and the fact that the soft palate loosens up some and becomes more likely to vibrate. The combination of all of these and the uvula vibrating is what causes older folks to sometimes snore more. In this local sleep apnea blog, we will discuss snoring and sleep apnea.

We are discussing many local dental topics on Sleeping Information Blogging Sleep Apnea Chat, Teledentist Snoring Consulting Online and Local Teledentistry Consulting Online Discussion with us at DentalChat.

Sleep Apnea as mentioned is a more serious condition for some people. By some estimates, just in the USA alone – there are over 20 million people that have some kind of sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Blogging – What is sleep apnea? The same conditions that cause snoring and cause sleep apnea – except that is can block the airways for several seconds while sleeping, causing an individual to wake up. One of the signs of sleep apnea is feeling sleeping during the day, due to lack of good sleep. If you wake up with a dry mouth, have morning headaches, feel sleep in the mornings, and are very obese – then you maybe have sleep apnea? You can go to your physician for testing. Want to read more information on Sleep Apnea, here is a Local Sleep Apnea Blog can read at DentalChat.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment Information:

As discussed, obesity is one problem that many with sleep apnea may have – if you do, having a healthier diet and exercising better under a physicians care – maybe a step in the right direction. Some people with sleep apnea, use a CPAP machine that can be hard to use for some.

Have a sleep apnea question? Can post your snoring question online at We also offer Sleep Apnea Teledental Consulting Online for those that want extra attention and want to do a video teledentistry consult online.

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Emergency Dentist Problems and Pregnancy Dental Problem

We get asked many local emergency dental problem questions online at All people have to do is post their dental problems – we provide dental information for our users. Local Emergency Dentists can see various types of dental problems.

What are some common dental problems people face? Well it can be many – but many times it is due to dental pain from say a tooth abscess or a dental accident from falling down, etc. For teens, it can be tooth pain from their wisdom teeth growing in.

In this local dentist blog – we will discuss Emergency Dentist Problems see regularly such as teeth sensitivity and Pregnancy Dental Problem that pregnant women face.

Teeth sensitivity is common for many, as they try to have very white teeth – and maybe are brushing very aggressively. also, they may have softer teeth. Your dentist will need to take dental x-rays to see what is going on? If the level of wear is minimal, your dentist may recommend some kind of composite filling. If the pain is too much or the dental pulp nerve is damaged, then may require root canal treatment? As discussed, will need to do a thorough dental exam and also get good dental x-rays to see if this is necessary or not.

Let’s discuss Pregnancy Gingivitis and Pregnancy Teeth problems that pregnant women may face. Many times, women during pregnancy have significant hormonal changes physically. This may result in gum inflammation or other dental problems.

It is important for pregnant women to maintain good oral hygiene, proper tooth brushing and flossing – if not, gum problems such as pregnancy gingivitis may occur.

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We discussed teeth sensitivity and pregnancy gingivitis in this dental blog. Local Emergency Dentist Question Blog, Live Dentists Answers Online and Common Dental Problems Chatting about Pregnancy Dental Problem Online with us. We have featured dental articles with much more dental information at DentalChat.


Is a Dental Bone Graft Necessary for Dental Implants?

We get asked many local dental implant questions online at DentalChat. We are at looking to help people get more dental implant information. Is a Dental Bone Graft Necessary for Dental Implants?

Millions of elderly adults are missing one or more functioning teeth. Nowadays, many people are thinking of getting one or more dental implants. Some of these people are told – that they need dental bone grafting procedures before getting dental implants. Dental bone grafting procedure may or may not be necessary. If you have a lot of dental bone loss, you may need dental bone grafting treatment.

Dental Bone Grafting Questions – What is a dental bone graft?

Dental bone grafting procedure is when add bone to the dental ridge area of the inside of the mouth, usually where one or more teeth have been extracted or will be extracted. After getting dental bone grafting, it may take couple months for the new bone to fuse well with the bone.

Dental Grafting QuestionHow can I know if need dental bone grafting?

Dental bone grafting procedure and treatment is being recommended for many people needing dental implant treatment. A common dental bone grafting question we get asked is, how do I know if I need a dental bone graft after having a tooth extraction or before getting dental implants? Looking at the dental imaging x-rays. If have severe dental bone loss and have gum disease. In these cases, dental bone graft and perio treatment may be a good idea.

Types of dental bone graft material – allograft dental bone grafting blog:

One common type of dental bone grafting material is called allograft bone material – which basically means bone used from another person (usually cadaver) and placed into another host. The good allograft bone is treated and disinfected, to be safe to be placed into the host. You can ask your dentist question about the type of material they are using.

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Dental Insurance Blogging, Local Dentist Office Info

We have many great dental articles on We get asked many local dental insurance questions online at DentalChat.

Dental care is an important part of an individual’s overall health. Also, we discuss many local dentist’s blogs and local dental office information online with us. We get asked many local dentist office questions online – one thing we like to mention, is that each dental practice is different. Unless they are part of a larger DSO dental network of offices. Local Dentists and Dental offices have a variety of dental insurance companies that they may or may not be a part of. In this local dentist insurance blog, we will discuss some of this.

Local Dentist Office Information Chat:

  1. Each dental office differs and has different dental policies.
  2. Some dental offices are part of a larger group of dental practices.
  3. Each Local Dentist – has a different level of skill set in various dental procedures. Some general dentists may do extractions and other general dentists may not.
  4. For example, some general dentists provide orthodontics or orthodontic care – while other general dentists may refer these dental patients out to a local orthodontist office.

As we know, there are quite a few people that have dental insurance – while there are some who do not have dental insurance coverage. Local Dental Insurance Blogging, Local Dentist Office Info, Dental Insurances Coverage Chatting, and Online Dentists Discussion with us at DentalChat.

Dental Insurance Coverage Blog:

  1. Know what is covered and what is not.
  2. Not all dental insurance plans are the same. For example, there is a Delta Dental HMO insurance plan and a Delta Dental PPO Dental insurance plan. Both are done by Delta Dental – the coverage and the policies can be quite different.
  3. Local Dental Insurances may have only a select number of dentists in an area as part of the preferred dental offices. Some dentists for instance, do not want to be part of a Dental HMO plan – while other local dental offices may select or elect to be part of that dental insurance plan.
  4. Dental Plan is not dental insurance – dental insurance plan or dental insurance coverage is different than a Local Dental Plan that is only a reduced fee dental plan usually.

Local TeleDental OfficeOn-Demand Dentistry & Local Dental ChatBot:

Some dental offices are offering Local TeleDentistry and have a Local Dentist ChatBot added to their local dental website. What is Live TeleDentistry? That is virtual dental care or providing dental patients virtual dentistry consulting from a remote place. This way, the dental patient does not have to come to the dental office. We have one of the Best Local Dental ChatBot Office technologies to help connect patients to dentists.

Local Dentist Insurance Chat Online:

Do you have more dental insurance questions or a local dental insurance question to ask us? Simply post your local dentist insurance question and get local dental insurance answers online with us. We can perhaps provide some useful dental information – though, another good source is reading your dental insurance coverage policy. This can be done online now in many cases – though, can call your dental insurance company. If want to read more Dental Insurances Blog and Dentist Insurance Chatting Online, then click here. We will be periodically updating our local dental insurance blogs.

Local Dental Plan Blog, Dental HMO Insurance Chat, Local Dental Insurance Coverage Information Blog, Local Dentists ChatBot Addition to Dental Website Blog, and Local Teledentistry Chat Online in this local dentist blog. We welcome our DentalChat user’s feedback and dental suggestions.


Common TeleDentistry Question, Local TeleDental Info

In the age of COVID, everything has changed. Now telemedicine is known by a large segment of the population and many physicians are using this service. In dental care, now are seeing more dental practices embracing local teledentistry services.

Many people think this is only because of COVID 19. That is not the only reason. The trend for telemed service online was growing before the coronavirus pandemic. Of course with COVID 19 – now people are having to stay home more and some dental offices have had to limit the number of people in their dental office. Of course, in 2 or 3 months – this maybe changing – as there are companies in the health care space looking for some kind of a vaccine to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Using virtual dental care and becoming a Local Teledentist – you can ask your dental office if they provide this service? Some dentists are becoming a Local Teledentist. The local dentist office is now becoming Virtual Common TeleDentistry Question Dentists Answering Online, Local TeleDental Info Guide and Online Dentist Chat about Tooth Problem platform.

DentalChat helps ANSWER YOUR LOCAL DENTIST QUESTIONS ONLINE. Post your local teledentistry question online and video dentistry consult online with us.

More and more dentists are looking to make their website smart by using a Local Dentist ChatBot platform – to add to their dental website. One of the Best Local Dental ChatBots is being used by DentalChat. A good dental chatbot can help dental practices better connect with local patients.

People want to know common local teledentist question we get asked – it is something like, how can I get my teeth whiter or how can I improve my smile look – have straighter teeth? Using virtual dentist care is a great way of getting some dental suggestions.

How easy is it to ADD LOCAL DENTAL CHATBOT to your local dentist website? Fairly simple – all you need to do as a dental office is sign up as a dentist – apply to join After being checked out, then dentalchat can provide special code – so your dental office can add the Best Local Dentist Chat Bot onto your website. This way you can join the growing LOCAL ON-DEMAND DENTISTS ONLINE available for people needing dental care information.

Local Teledentistry Consultation Online, On-Demand Dentists and Local Teledentist Video Dentistry Consulting Online for New Dental Patients is how local dental offices are providing telemed service online.

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Local Dentists COVID Update – Dental Practices Opening Up

COVID-19 has hit many local businesses hard – especially with government mandates to close all non-essential businesses. For dentists and dental offices, this has been tough as well – as many states mandated that they close up for the last several weeks. We will be discussing in this Local COVID Dental Care Blog, some updates about this. We are also, asking dentists and dental patients to provide us their feedback.

Local Dentists COVID Update on what dental practices and dental patients are dealing with. Many Local Dental Practices Opening Up or are planning on opening up – as many states across the US are allowing businesses to open up for business. For dentists, it will not be easy – for one, they need to get their dental staff back to work and their dental office back in working order. For some dentists, they have had to layoff their staff – as they did not know how long this work stoppage would continue. So, for these dentists – they will need to ask their staff to come back to work – if they want to.

Starting Your Dental Practice Back Up:

For dentists and dental office managers, this will not be easy. There are many new guide lines on patient spacing, etc – that will need to be put into place. Also, they will need to stock up on many new dental supplies.

is your dental practice using modern technology to advance your overall dental health care? Using Tele Dentistry, Live TeleDental Consult, Local Dental ChatBot & Virtual Dental Video Conferencing great Teledentistry dental practice tools. Now more than ever, with the coronavirus pandemic should be using telemedicine tools to help the patient, staff and dentist.

We want to hear from you – dental patients, dental staff and local dentists on how it is going to start your dental practice back up? In the next several months, we are at DentalChat going to be providing timely COVID Dental Care Updates.

Dental COVID Update: Now dental practices can use the Dental ChatBot added to your website to check new & existing patients into your office. To get more about adding a Live Dentist ChatBot can visit us.


Pediatric Dental Question – My kid’s tooth is loose

We get asked Pediatric Dentist Question about Kids Teeth frequently – The common dental children dental question will be – “My kid’s tooth is loose, what should I do?” We will in this local pediatric dentist blog, discuss baby teeth and how they sometimes do not just fall out on their own. We will also discuss about having a good relationship early on with your local dental office or pediatric dentist. Most local family dental offices provide good dental care for you and your kid(s). Of course, having good dental information and doing your own dental research – may be helpful as well.

Usually, the 2 lower baby teeth in the front area of the lower jaw start to come out first. They, in turn, are usually the first ones to fall out. Usually, the first baby teeth start to erupt or come out around somewhere between 6 to 9 months old – though this can vary. The first permanent teeth to come in or to erupt is around the age of 5 or 6 or 7 years old – again, this can vary.

One thing to keep in mind as a parent – is try not to panic. Most times the tooth will fall out overtime. Of course, if worried – can always go to your local dentist or pediatric dentist office. Baby teeth do not have large, well established roots – like adult teeth. Hence, they are usually easily taken out by your dentist.

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Local Children Dental Care Questions get Best Dental Answers with us. Pediatric dentistry question online, Pediatric Dentistry TeleDental Questions Consult, Teledentistry Consultation Service and Live Dentist Chat Online with us.

When we get asked Pediatric Dental QuestionMy kid’s tooth is loose and what should I do? This is a common local children dentistry question since all of us go through the phase of losing baby teeth and getting permanent adult teeth. Though, for some kids and children – the tooth just does not easily fall out on its own. Some times, some kid’s teeth that are lodged into the gums, will need to be pulled out – either by a general family dentist or by a pediatric dentist. Some things to loosen a baby tooth include brushing more frequently and gently wiggling the tooth.

-Things you can do:

Have your child gently wiggle the tooth. Do not be in a rush to have the baby tooth to come out. Generally, it takes sometime before a baby tooth will fall out. Regular dental exam and dental cleaning visit at your local dental office. They can examine the tooth, and let you know what is going on. They can also take the right dental x-rays, to see how the permanent tooth coming in is developing. A baby tooth when it is quite loose, may be taken out – if need be, by your dentist if see that it is just not falling out for some reason. Generally by gently wiggling by your child, the tooth fairy will come one of these days.

Good oral hygiene starts at a young age. Good idea to keep your child’s teeth clean from a young age. Getting regular dental exam at your dentist or pediatric dentist can start as young as you like. Having a family dentist or pediatric dentist relationship in your area, can be very valuable – especially as the kids grow up. When you want to ask, My Child’s Tooth Is Loose, what should I do – then you already have a local dentist or pediatric dentist that is familiar with your kid’s dentition – this can be very helpful.

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